Liberty Composite Pools Meets and Exceeds ICC-ES Standards!

Liberty Composite Pools has been a proud manufacturer of one-piece fiberglass pools since its beginning in 2005. In that time Liberty Composite Pools has managed to set industry standards by producing the highest quality product in the business. The ICC-Evaluation Services recognizes this and honors Liberty Composite Pools with the ICC-ES stamp of approval.

The ICC-ES is a non-profit company that spends their time and resources on the evaluation of building components, methods and materials. Since February of 2003, the ICC-ES has been evaluating companies and determining if they are within code compliance. Liberty Composite Pools proudly can say that the ICC-ES identifies that the materials and process that go into manufacturing a Liberty Composite pool are not only of the highest quality but also continuing to be new and innovative.

If you are thinking about investing in a fiberglass pool and want only the best you owe it to yourself to purchase a pool with the highest quality materials and manufacturing capabilities in the industry. If you already own a Liberty Composite Pool you can relax knowing that you have the finest pool on the market today. Don't be fooled by other manufacturers who are promising a quality product without the means to deliver. Liberty Composite Pools approval from the ICC-ES provides one more reason why Liberty Composite Pools has the ability to warrant our fiberglass pool shell to be structurally sound for a full 25 years.

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